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If you’re not living the life of riches you’ve been dreaming of with a great cash flow and super yachts in your backyard, there’s a number of reasons for that, and they all have to do with the thoughts you think, send out and receive back in one form or another. Feeling like you don’t have enough to pay the bills or get you through? If you think in terms of lack, you’ll only continue the trend. Here are 10 things you’re doing wrong, and how to fix them ASAP!


1. You Focus On What You Lack, Not On What You Have

  • Focus on what you don’t have, and you’ll never have it—this is the fundamental law of prosperity.
  • Think about how “rich” you truly are—friends who care about you, family that loves you, excellent health, a creative mind, enough money to pay the bills, etc. Keep a gratitude diary to help you focus on what you have.
  • Focus your imagination on the idea that you have abundance financially, emotionally and spiritually and you’ll begin to attract those things into your life.

When you focus on lack you get more of what you lack! Focus instead on what you have to be grateful for… a roof over your head, shelter, a bed…


2. You Don’t Have High Self Worth

  • What’s your relationship with money—negative? Why?
  • Focus on believing that you deserve to become a millionaire, and imagine what that would feel like.
  • If it’s difficult to do, try the following: Focus on a project you completed that blew your boss away. Remember the sensation of feeling proud, accomplished and talented. Fixate on those feelings for a few moments, and then imagine always feeling that way.

3. You’re Always Out-of-Pocket

  • Make imaginary checks out to yourself, and for every credit card or person you owe money to, write out the following: “I am clear of debt with you, and I give thanks for the ability to pay this off completely and fully” or “I am free of debt” (write this one on your bathroom mirror).
  • Don’t think of yourself as broke—if you do, the Universe will think that’s what you’re asking for, and that’s what you’ll always get.
Write yourself a cheque for lots of money...

Send yourself imaginary checks – how does it feel when you see that money in front of you? Keep the check in your pocket and keep the feeling.


4. You Set Your Goals Too Low

  • Rich people go outside their comfort zone—they have to, in order to take risks.
  • Know what you need to do to make an increase in money—find new avenues of action to get you there.
  • Seek out mentors who have more than you do, and rely on their advice to help you navigate smart investments and take worthwhile risks in order to improve your income.
  • Follow one idea until you’ve played it out fully, and then try another route.

5. You Are Problem Orientated

  • Look for the solutions rather than the problems.
  • Focus on the great ideas you’ve had, but never followed through on.
  • It’s possible that you already have a million-dollar idea, but have never tried to make something out of it—discuss and find a way to market your idea online or offline before dismissing it.
  • Don’t stay safe in your comfort zone—that will only give you results that you’re used to getting.
Think outside the box

Think outside the box – come up with solutions to others problems.


6. You Follow Rather than Lead

  • Step outside of the pack, and forge your own path (one that has never before been walked on!)
  • Focus on becoming a pioneer instead of letting someone else lead you through your own life.
  • When you follow, you’re not being authentically you—when you are true to yourself and do what you love, the money will always follow you!

7. You’re Always Comparing Yourself to Others

  • No one has your unique gifts, talents and skills—don’t waste time comparing your road to success with anyone else’s (it’s like comparing apples and oranges).
  • Focus on your accomplishments along the way—that will help motivate you to continue progressing financially.

8. You’re a Victim

  • You’re not rich yet because of your own thoughts and lack of discipline, focus or goals. It’s not anyone else’s fault, so take charge of your own life and make change happen.
  • Focus on what you can control, and set up a daily plan to accomplish small goals (which can then help you accomplish the big goals!).
Stop blaming yourself

Let go of victimizing yourself so that you can use your energy to create positive things in your life


9. You Don’t Follow Through with Goals

  • Losing momentum? Don’t focus on instant gratification, but on the process of becoming wealthy and rich beyond your imagination.
  • Set goals that can be met each week, and then set larger monthly and yearly goals that will give you a “big picture” to aim for.

10. You Don’t Believe in Yourself

  • Believe in yourself, your unique talents and skills, and you’ll take more risks, attract what you love doing, and find money practically dangling in front of your eyes!
  • Make a list of everything you’re amazing at—post it on your fridge and re-read it daily.

A Few Last Words …

Another way of putting it – if you aren’t willing to take charge of your life and believe you just don’t have what it takes to create an idea, find investors to help you start the business and set the goals you’ll follow through with to make it a sky-high success, how do you expect to become wealthy beyond measure? Let go of your worry, anxiety and fear; imagine instead, that you are a rich and successful person, and you will be.

Believe you're worthy of riches to attain your dreams

Imagine that you’re successful, that you are worthy of lots of money and you’ll begin to create the wealth you desire.


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