Did you know your energy imbalance is the root of your illness?

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Einstein’s famous scientific formula, E=MC2

In layman’s terms, it means that energy and matter is the same thing.

This means that everything in the universe is energy… just different manifestations of it.

On an atomic level; your body is a sea of energy – vibrating at different frequencies.

Einstein knew it… and so did, the genius and energy pioneer, Nikola Tesla – who was quoted saying:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

This is also the secret to excellent health.

You can use energy, frequency and vibration to heal a vast range of diseases… as well as chronic pain.

The World Health Organization has cited over 100 different ailments for which this energy-based natural therapy has proven to be highly effective…

Relief ranging from chronic pain, cold, flu, allergies, addictions, high blood pressure, asthma, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders, stroke, sciatica and many, more. 

Acupuncture – Natural Energy Medicine and Qi


Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese Medicine, uses needles on specific points to help the body’s energy flow naturally by easing tension and so relieving dis-ease.

This energy-based natural therapy is Acupuncture: the ancient and

powerful technique that has helped millions of people around the world to heal, and continues to do so.

We all know somebody… or have at least read of a celebrity who swears-by the healing effects of acupuncture.

Most people don’t know that acupuncture (and other acu-therapies) is the practice of manipulating energy within your body.

The cornerstone of these “acu-therapies” is that our bodies contain a flow of energy that needs to circulate. The Chinese call this energy flow ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chee’). Qi is the energy force that supports all life. The Japanese call it “Ki”, Guru’s of India call it “Prana” and some Polynesian cultures call it “Mana”.

Qi needs to circulate through our bodies freely for us to maintain our physical and mental health.

Qi circulates through the body via our meridian lines.

Should our energy flow (Qi) slow down in one or more of these meridian lines, or there is a blockage in our meridian system; an imbalance will occur. And if not treated, pain, illness and disease will manifest.

Restoring the Energy Flow – Acupoints and Meridians

Meridians – the energy road map for the human body.

Chinese medicine restores the natural flow of energy with the stimulation of specific pressure points (also known as acupoints).

Acupoints are like little whirlpools of energy that are dotted along your meridian lines.

By stimulating specific acupoints, a burst of energy will restore the circulation of a blocked meridian. This restores balance and harmony; which helps the body heal itself.

Many studies have proven the Meridian system. But one of the most well known was conducted by French Physicians Jean Claude Darras MD and Professor Pierre de Vernejoul.

They injected the isotope tracer Te99 into the acupoints of volunteer patients and then monitored the tracers movements using a gamma imaging camera. The tracers travelled along the exact meridian lines within minutes after injection. To challenge their findings, they injected non-meridian points – finding that the tracers simply pooled up and remained in the same spot. Interestingly, tracers flowing through diseased parts of the body slowed down dramatically or stopped – compared to a fast flow around healthy parts of the meridian system.

The healing benefits if acupressure are often dismissed by skeptics who  cite the “placebo effect” – where 30% of people will be shown to heal in experiments when given a sugar pill instead of the “real medicine”. However, since all kinds of animals – who can’t comprehend suggestion, also respond incredibly well to the healing properties of acupoint therapy the placebo effect, in this case, has been debunked.

Acupuncture isn’t the only means of treating blocked Qi…

Electricity also an effective means to stimulate Qi within the meridian system.

Variations of Acupuncture to Achieve Healing.

Some practitioners combine electricity with acupuncture to achieve faster and longer lasting relief, but the prospect of electrified needles puts a lot of people off.


Acupressure – for those of us who don’t like needles, finger pressure is used on the specific energy points instead of needles.

For those of us who are skirmish around needles, finger pressure can be used instead and this is called acupressure. Acupressure pre-dates acupuncture, and is equally effective.  The Chinese were using it well before they had the technology to make needles.

Acupressure has the benefit that it can be practiced by yourself at home without having to worry about the dangers of needles.

Energy as Vibration and Entrainment

Energy Vibration and Entrainment

Energy as Vibration and pendulums swinging in Entrainment.

Bio-acoustics (vibrating energy) is another highly effective means for unblocking a congested meridian system.

Using the science of Entrainment (not entertainment!) you can use resonant frequencies to restore your meridian system back to its natural state.

You have probably heard of the concept of entrainment before but not the name of it. Entrainment is defined as “a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles– it’s a law of physics: when two objects are entrained with each other, they expend less energy.

It is this phenomenon that causes:

  • Female roommates’ menstrual cycles to sync together

  • Our heart rate and brain waves entraining/syncing to a hectic or a quiet environment

  • Fireflies that blink together at the same time

  • And the resetting of the internal body clock – after a very long plane flight

It doesn’t stop at biology. Entrainment happens with machines too – such as clocks to electric driers.  Entrainment can also be defined within: Physics, engineering, biomusicology, hydrodynamics and also brainwaves.

Modern medicine uses sound frequencies for many different applications. The most widely known use is ultrasound.

The meaning of the term “ultrasound” is an acoustic tool that uses a sound frequency higher than a humans hearing capabilities (20,000 Hz +).

The most familiar use of ultrasound is in generating the image of an unborn baby but ultrasound frequencies are also being used by doctors to reduce joint pain and inflammation, and even in the destruction tumors. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a relatively new breakthrough that has been used to destroy prostate cancer cells. Modern medicine also uses pulsed infrasonic sound waves to break up kidney stones.

As far as acu-therapies go: some therapists prefer finger pressure, some prefer needles, some use electrified needles, some use thermal (heat) energy, and some therapists use bio-acoustics (vibrating energy).

But the newest form and most effective form of acu-therapies is the combination of acupressure with bio-acoustics.

What do you get when you combine Ancient Chinese Medicine with the bio-acoustics?

You get something amazing known as Acu-Entrainment.

Acu-Entrainment is equally effective as electro-acupuncture, but because you aren’t dealing with electric needles, you can easily treat a host of nagging ailments – especially chronic pain, incredibly quickly.

Because it is so easy to apply – and safe; you can use it at home, at work, in the car, on the bus… anywhere.

You can expect fantastic results using either practice (acupressure or entrainment therapy) on its own, but combining them gives you an unprecedented ability to heal and restore your body and mind.

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