13 Things Happy People Do!

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Happiness comes from your inner feelings of joy, wonder and satisfaction, so let go of external joys and concentrate on what’s inside for everlasting happiness. When you shift your focus you’ll be able to be happier in life than you ever imagined you could be, and enjoy life to the fullest!

1. Live in the Here and Now!

  • Stop thinking about the past, or worrying about the future—focus on today, and today only.
  • You can’t control what will happen two hours from now—enjoy the small details of your day such as sipping a perfect cup of coffee, talking to your family, and moving through your day with ease.
  • The single moment is where happiness is—how happy you are in it is all up to you!

2. Be Grateful for Every Moment

  • If you find it difficult to “enjoy the moment,” focus on giving thanks for what this moment represents: good health, a roof over your head, a sense of your spirituality, an exciting date to look forward to …
  • Give your appreciation to each moment—that will attract more good things to come!
  • Start a gratitude journal, spend 5 minutes a day reflecting on the good things that have happened no matter how big or small.

3. Have a “Happy Place”

  • The beach, a quiet room, a concert performed by your favorite band—pick your own happy place and redirect your energy and perspective to something that makes you feel good!
  • Your “happy place” can be anything—a person, place or thing that improves the way you feel about yourself.
  • Visualize being there, and take in everything it offers. Repeat throughout your day, “I take love, peace and kindness with me everywhere I go.”
Envision your happy place and take it wherever you go.

Envision your happy place and take it wherever you go.


4. Remember That You Can’t Control Much—Except for Your Thoughts

  • You can’t control what other people do—don’t attach yourself to what they can or can’t provide you, as only you can give yourself happiness.
  • Control your thoughts with positive affirmations and visualizations. “I can create the perfect reality for my life as I see fit, and it looks like this …”

5. Find Your Inner Child

  • Life too serious these days? Get down on the ground, and mimic what a child looks at and how he/she sees the world.
  • Laugh at the things children do, and be silly for the sake of it
  • Try this: Lie down outside on your back, and stare up at the trees and sky! (The world looks fun from this angle!)

6. Have A Dog? Let Your Dog Take You For A Walk!

  • Dogs can perk your mood right up—take yours for a walk and don’t control him, just let him walk you for a change.
  • Track where he goes, and takes pictures of him throughout the walk—get outside your own life by watching his. Does he love a particular flower, or does he head for the hills?
Let your Dog Lead You

Prawny / Pixabay
Let go of control and let your dog take you for a walk.


7. Spend Time for the Benefit Others

  • Time is our most precious asset. We are all given the same amount of time each day, month and year.
  • When you give your time to others, you’ll instantly feel happy.
  • Contribute to any cause you’re passionate about—smile, and get to know those you’re helping. Ask questions about their lives and make them feel as if they matter.
  • Focus on the difference you’re making in someone’s life, and make a monthly commitment (or whatever works with your schedule).
  • Repeat this affirmation: “I make a difference in the lives I touch, and they make a difference in mine.”

8. Finger Paint Like a Toddler

  • Paint using only your hands.
  • Follow your instincts, and trust the process of finger painting—it will allow you to express yourself while blending together the perfect assortment of colors!
  • Don’t give yourself “rules” for coloring. Just freely glide your hand into the paint, and paint as you may.

9. Write From Your Heart

  • Stressed out? If it’s because of a particular person (a demanding boss, insensitive boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.) write out a mock letter (which you don’t have to send).
  • Write freely, with no reservations about what you have to say.
  • Don’t censor yourself—the very act of writing can be a great way to purge negative feelings that prevent happiness.
  • After writing the letter, read it out loud and throw it away.

10. Get In Touch With Your Roots

  • Find someone in your family (an older relative such as a grandparent, uncle or aunt) who can recall memories about his or her early life, or fascinating periods of history.
  • Learn where you came from, and what perspective your family members have about things you could never experience yourself. This is a rich way to learn about them, yourself and the world.
  • Gain a fresh perspective by listening to their stories, and improve your own happiness and appreciation.

11. Let go of Judgments

  • When you let go of attachments to wanting someone or something to be a certain way you allow yourself to simply experience the situation for what it is and give yourself the time and space to respond in a positive way.
  • Remove “Should” from your vocabulary. The word “Should” automatically implies a judgment remove this word from your dictionary and you’ll instantly begin to change your perspective. Instead, try replacing it with “Could” which allows for possibility.

12. Know What You Want

  • Dream big and shoot for the stars, if you miss you’ll still reach the moon!
  • When we follow our biggest dreams and set plans towards them, amazing things happen, we meet incredible supportive people, materials and opportunities arise that we never would have considered and more.

13. Meditation and Reflection

  • Find a meditation practice that works for you, there are many different types.
  • Meditation helps to bring you back into the present, reconnecting you with your body, practicing regularly at a set place and time and increase your inner sense of peace, well-being and happiness.
  • Meditation can also help slow our thoughts down to increase the space between stimulus and response so that we are less likely to react in a pre-programmed way and in a more positive, beneficial way.
  • Reflection on what has happened through your day can help you to identify happy moments versus those moments where you reacted instead of responded and what you might do differently next time.
Meditate and reflect

4144132 / Pixabay
Meditate and reflect. Give special attention to the happy moments.

A Few Last Words …

Happiness comes from the feelings you generate within. No one can do it for you. You are responsible for the choices you make and what you choose to experience. Spend time reconnecting with yourself, your family members, giving back to your community and focus on having a child’s perspective. When you do, you’ll see that you hold the power over your own happiness!